Intrinsic Data Inc is a data-centric consultancy offering a selection of business services aimed at enhancing corporate competency and performance. This is achieved through result-based solutions; effectively combining processes, people and systems to deliver value to our clients. Our products include business analysis, analytics and research, and project management. Here is a brief synopsis of why these products matter to your business.

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Data Analytics and Research

Today’s leaders know the value of being informed. They see the wisdom of monitoring changes in their company, industry, with their clients and competitors. Analytics and research puts you at the head as that modern leader, making sound strategic decisions and driving the evolution needed for sustained success.

Analytics harnesses the information you keep; it uncovers patterns, reveals trends in business activity and allows you to forecast outcomes for these activities. When augmented with research you get a clear picture of where you are and where you need to go. At that point making decisions become a whole lot easier.

Once you have made that decision our business analysis will help prepare your business or area to make the change.  It is the framework that guides you to the best way to make your advancement or to overcome the challenge your analysis uncovered. You can learn more about this below.

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Business Analysis

In a nutshell business analysis maps the current state to the desired future state. It articulates with justification the best possible way to get your desired outcome. During this process we get to know your business area and provide a clear picture of the existing setup and how we would go about the transition. We take into account the risks and constraints that accompany any improvement and provide you with a comprehensive plan of action. This lays the ground work needed to support a successful project.

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Project Management

Project management is one of those functions that is vital to any progressive organization. That’s because evolution and growth always comes with some challenges; however, a well managed project secures a successful transition to that desired future state. It ensures that your business reaches the outlined objective on time, within budget and of course managing the risks. Yes, we manage all the moving parts while keeping stakeholders up to date and focused, ensuring the successful implementation.

At the end your satisfaction is guaranteed, because we managed the project with your feedback and knowing that our success is tied to yours.

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About Us

Intrinsic Data Inc. is a data-centric consultancy working in partnership with Intrinsic Global Technologies to deliver a complete suite of products that are critical to the survival and success of businesses today.

Our team has combined 27 years of experience in technology, research and analysis having worked across a number of sectors including, international banking, education, tourism, distribution and the creative industries.

At the head of our company is Alison Beckles (MSc., CMC, PMP) who leads our analytics, research and project management areas. Our business analyst and head of technology is Wendell Beckles (MCSE). You can reach them at or see our contact page for more contact options.

The company is registered and incorporated in the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, and pulls together talent from around the globe to meet your needs.